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Underwater Shark Robot comes to help US Navy


Washington: The US military has been developed a robot underwater swimmer.
The intention of this underwater swimmer is to explore the possibilities of using unmanned underwater vehicles in oceans to help the navel wing of the military.
The five-foot long ‘spy robot’ very much resembles a fish both in movement and appearance at least from a distance, since the robot underwater swimmer is with dorsal and pectoral fins.
The drone is called “Ghost Swimmer,” and mainly developed for surveillance purposes.
It is just the latest machine to imitate the animal kingdom which moves under water.
The Ghost Swimmer has been undergoing tests at Joint Expeditionary Base at Little Creek, Virginia.MC3 Edward..
The stealthy robot can be operated in water as shallow as 10 inches or dive down to 300 feet. It can also be used for intelligence gathering and surveillance missions.
If effective, the Ghost swimmer will be used in place of dolphins and sea lions which have been employed currently by the US navy to spot underwater mines and recover equipments.


Video on underwater ghost swimmer