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Villagers are on full alert following a volcano blast in Hawaii


Hawaii: The recently blasted Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii has been creating panic to nearby residents.
The molten lava from the volcano mouth is said to have been heading towards a village where worried residents are preparing to evacuate.
Authorities on the Big Island are on high-alert as the fiery molten mass edges closer to Pahoa, an ancient historic sugar plantation with a population of around 800 people.
Villagers around the volcano blast site are in a setup to flee to safety locations as the lava flows towards their residents.
Following the volcano blast the American Red Cross has opened an emergency shelter there. According to them, all roads to the blast site are being closed in the region.
If the flow of lava is continued on its current path, there are also possibilities to overrun within the next day or so.
But the speed of the lava is found to have been varied.
Smoke advisories have also been issued for downwind areas at the County of Hawaii.
Fortunately, the prevailing winds in the region have pushed it away from populated areas.


Video on the Lava flow at Hawaiian Island