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Wayanad Social Service Society


The Wayanad Social Service Society (WSS) which established in 1974 particularly aims the welfare of the tribal people living in the hilly areas. One of the major intentions of WSS is to form village level people’s organizations which are committed to empower poor and weaker sections in the society. They aim the socio-economic empowerment of weaker sections including especially tribal people and poor farmers. WSS has a lot of developmental programs to initiate the process of empowerment of the people in Wayanad.
Some of the important objectives of the organization are listed below
Ensure support to the community based people’s organizations in villages.
Establish empowerment through adequate intervention of weaker sections.
Build -up the quality of self-reliant among people by creating enough employment opportunities, ensuring economic security, increasing assets, mobilizing resources and developing talents and capacity.
Assure social justice to the deserved people or community in the society to whom the same has been denied currently.
Conduct education, research and awareness programs.
Do the needful to follow sustainable agriculture technologies and Eco-friendly lifestyle concepts.
Bring equality irrespective of gender and ensure human rights to the people.
Encourage the preservation of Herbal Medicinal plants and promote alternative health care based on ethnic medicines.
Make aware about the technologies of low cost housing, rural energy, water conservation and waste management.
Encourage participatory approaches of people in all developments.
Work as as supportive organization for local, state and national governments.
Promote sustainable livelihoods of the marginalized ones especially the tribal people.
Strengthen the basement of the people through federations and regional structures.
Promote relationships with Banks and other Financial Institutions and collaborate with local self-governments.
Provide assistance for the free flow of information aimed to bring socio economic changes in the society.


Video on the activities of Wayanad Social Service Society