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White Elephant Tooth Rocks in Yercaud


White elephant tooth rocks in Yercaud are another amazing sight that can be collected from the granite embedded Tipperary viewpoint. These are two white rocks located at a height of 120 feet. The spectacular rocks are believed to be the leftovers of a meteorite which would have fallen to the earth centuries before. Unlike the black granite seen in these hillside, the rocks are purely white in color and looks so charming. Thus, these beautiful white elephant tooth rocks appear as the crowning glory of the panoramic scenic environments. The bigger elephant tooth is located on the southern spur of the Shevaroy hill side that lies at a lower region of Guntur town. This can be seen formed of two rocks situated around 120 feet height having immaculate white quartz, creating contrasts to the evergreen floral surroundings and black granite existing around. The other one is seen located in the eastern direction overlooking the spectacularly curved Ghat road, above the 60 feet bridge. Access to this dramatic location is from Tipperary Estate where plantations are growing in abundance.
Apart from sightseeing, the main entertainment of this rocky spot is trekking. The early said larger rock is easy to climb up while not at all easy to get down. Hence, tourists who love adventurous trekking often show great interest to visit this location. One full day up and down trekking is sufficient to climb up and get down the elevated landscape sight. Since the rocky material is soft, there are high possibilities to get it breakdown due to the pressure developing by the feet of the climbers. Alternatively one can trek down to the plains and catch a bus for returning to Yercaud. The smaller white elephant tooth can be reached by a short cut to the 60 feet bridge from Tipperary Estate. To the surprise of the visitors, some Gold Mining Activities are also seen at this region. This place can be accessed within 2 hours duration and from there another 1 hour to the ghat road. From this location visitors can catch buses either to Yercaud or Salem.


Video on sightseeing at Yercaud