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Zoo visiting children happened to view a treacherous tiger attack


Virginia: A family was visiting the Metro-Richmond Zoo in Virginia and during that exciting occasion, they happened to witness a fatal tiger attack.
They said that their children were viewed the treacherous killing and the staff of the zoo did not respond quickly enough to the situation.
In the beginning, the two tigers were playing with McCoy, a five-year-old white Bengal tiger, laying on its back when she suddenly gave a blow to Kumba, the two and a half-year-old Bengal tiger.
Kumba, then grabbed McCoy’s neck and did not let go. The Duross family provided their video, but did not want to appear on camera.
They were angry because the calls to the zoo staff went unanswered until it was too late.
Zoo director Jim Andelin called the attack as tragic and said that it could not have been avoided.


Video on the tiger attack at Metro Richmond Zoo