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18 foot Burmese python captured in Florida


Florida: A colossal Burmese python is reported to have been captured in Florida..
The huge snake found at Everglades National Park was needed five healthy people to lift it.
The whopping snake is believed to be the second-largest ever found in the state.
The whopper which weighed 130 pounds was measured a massive 18 feet and 3 inches in length.
It was discovered by researchers along the Shark Valley, before it was humanely euthanized.
The euthanization was in accordance with the U.S. Geological Surveys protocol.
Burmese pythons are natives of Southern

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and South East Asia and can be found in water as well as trees
The longest Burmese python ever found was with a length of 19 feet.
They are mostly nocturnal and each female can lay up to 36 eggs which will be hatched to a lot of baby Burmese pythons.


Video on the 18 foot long python captured in Florida