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A Japanese restaurant is selling KitKat sandwiches


Tokyo: A Japanese restaurant is reported to have started selling Kit-Kat sandwiches with their unique menus.
The dishes are not only officially a thing, but also apparently very delicious.
This is the latest addition to Japan’s seemingly endless list of Kit-Kat creativity.
In this sandwiches, the Kit Kats are stuffed between two slices of white bread.
Together with this, the Kit-Kat lovers can also enjoy the goodness whipped cream and candied orange peel slices.
This wonderful menu is supplied with cherry blossom, melon, soy sauce, and green tea flavors.
A fast-food franchise in Japan called First Kitchen, are now selling Kit-Kats covered in whipped cream and orange peel sandwiched between two slices of white bread.
The sandwich is actually made with “Kit Kat for Café”.
The Kit-Kat used for this menu are Kit-Kat ordinary bars while the sandwiches used are apparently more robust bars enabling sandwich lovers to dip the same even in hot drinks.
The price of the sandwich is only 220 yen (£1.23).


Video on Kit-Kat sandwiches