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Amazing specialties available in a robot hotel in Japan


Nagasaki: A sophisticated robotic Weird hotel known as Henn na in Japan is opened its doors to the public. Visitors can enjoy extraordinary facilities as well as services at this wonderful hotel.
First of all, a robotic dinosaur can be seen in the reception of the hotel for greeting visitors.
After this, everything from check-in to check-out is superbly handling by robots
The wonderful Hotel in Nagasaki is featured with different types of automated receptionists, including an English-speaking dinosaur and a Japanese-speaking female android.
At check-in of the hotel, facial recognition technology is being used for screening guests.
For this requirement, guests have to type their information into the touch panel of a computerized device.
Guests can load their suitcases onto another robot which performs the duty of a porter.
They have to type their respective room number into its digital panel for appropriate delivery.
To everybody’s surprise, no electricity switches can be seen in the rooms.
To get the benefits of electric switches, guests have to speak to the hotel’s tulip-shaped caretaker robot Tuly.
It can tell the time and give guests the weather forecast if required.
Sensor panels in the hotel is capable to adjust the room temperature by detecting body heat.
A giant robot arm which supports manufacturing, generally helps guests to store items at the cloak room of the hotel.
Guests can put their luggage through a window which in turn lands to a box simultaneously.
The robot arm then grabs the concerned luggage and stack it ideally in the clock room.
This awe inspiring hotel is part of the Luxurious Huis ten Bosch amusement park.
The cost of one night’s stay at the hotel, starts from 9,000 yen (£46, $73).
The founder of the park Hideo Sadawa told reporters that the hotel had no drawbacks as the staff were efficient robots.
He said that he wanted to show how establishments could be improved and reduce labor costs with the help of robots.
He added that he wanted to highlight innovation and his desire was to do something as the hotel prices were going up.
News regarding the hotel has been attracting foreign media to a large extent.


Video on the Robot staffed Hotel in Japan