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An Australian daredevil rides his motorbike over waves


Sydney: A daredevil man is reported to have taken off on a sizable wave by his highly-modified motorcycle. The young man called Robbie Maddison from South Sydney in Australia is a bike rider rather than a surfer rider. The 34-year-old old, adventure lover is originally from Caringbah in south Sydney. He is well known for his fearless nature as he had back-flipped the Tower Bridge in London, phone spy jumped the Corinth Canal in Greece, and acted as the stunt-double for Daniel Craig in James spy phone mobile Bond films. Here, in this attempt, Maddison was driven straight into the ocean, and slided across the water surface at the first stage and then with waves by chasing in the bike. It was really magical, heart-stopping, spectacular movement over the water surface. While riding the bike over waves he was in fully fledged Red Bull style. The inspiration to ride a bike on water was first come to his mind when he happened to watch the wake-surf performance of his wife. In that effort she was used a boat’s wake to propel forward without a tow rope. During the painful trial and error methods, he had suffered a lot of breaks, dislocations and accidental injuries. As his mechanics for the attempt were torn down, he had to reassemble dozens of different ski and tire combinations to satisfy his requirements. After six months spy program for android phone of strenuous attempt he could discover the ideal shape and angle of the skis and learned to divert water around the bike as well as the number of paddles needed on the rear tire to attach to a KTM 250 SX. Thus, he secured enough confidence to ride his bike with enough speed over water. He trained himself to ride the motorbike with out sinking or getting crushed between the water and his bike.   Video on the bike ride over waves