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Dogs too donate blood


United Kingdom: National Blood Week has been promoting human blood donation. In human, this blood is being used during surgery. Likewise, when dogs need surgery and other complicated forms of medical treatment, they also need blood transfusions. To achieve this surgical feat, other dogs need to donate their blood. Pet Blood Bank UK is a national canine blood bank service. This is said to be the first and the only UK charity of its kind. It has been operating for eight years and has over 6,000 dogs on its books. On average, it stages three blood donation sessions at veterinary surgeries weekly. Up to 22 dogs donate at each session. To do so, they need to meet certain criteria, established in a screening process. Dogs coming to donate blood must be in good health and have normal temperature, heart rate and respiration. Such dogs are weighed

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dog has not been abroad, among other requirements.   Video on pet dog blood donation