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Dolphin-hunting Japanese town to start Dolphin breeding farms on the side


Tokyo: A Japanese town notorious for killing dolphins may set up a dolphin breeding farm on one side. This is on the basis of the decision put-forth by zoos and aquariums to stop buying animals caught in the wild. But according to the hunters, the controversial hunting will not come to an end immediately. The western port town of Taiji, is being the location of an annual hunt which featured in the Oscar-winning 2009 documentary “The Cove”. The region may suffer a loss of income because of the recent decision to reject the captured animals. Japanese officials said that the new conclusion was in accordance with the foreign pressures. The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums have been threatened Japan with expulsion, unless they stopped buying dolphins from Taiji. The decision by Japan’s zoos and aquariums was

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an aftereffect of this global threatening. It is means that Japan may lose access to zoo animals such as elephants and giraffes from overseas. According to the Fisheries Agency, 1,239 dolphins were caught from the Taiji hunt section in 2013. Most of them are assumed to have killed for food while 172 sold alive, in various overseas locations at a price of at least $8,200 each. Mayor Kazutaka Sangen told reporters that the town was considering to set up a dolphin breeding center by penning off a section of the cove, obviously with an aim to bring back customers who wanted to buy live animals.   Video regarding dolphin slaughter in Japan