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Futuristic Toyota i-Road three wheeler car arrives to offer a fantastic experience


United States of America: In Geneva motor show, the futuristic Toyota i-Road three wheeler fully enclosed single seated car was the most fascinating one.
People may mistake its ‘somewhat sports car look’. By viewing its compact appearance, there are possibilities to assume that it could fly.
But it cannot run more than 37 miles per hour. But its movement appears as if it can run fast.
This is because of its articulated front wheel suspension which allows the whole driver capsule to lean while the vehicle takes a turn.
Each front wheel is provided with its own 2.7-horsepower electric motor while the rear single wheel keeps responding to the steering.
The single wheel in the back of the vehicle creates a sensation, more or less similar to the drifting of a sports car through a sharp hairpin turn.
This stylish leaning of the car while taking a turn is really pleasant to the eye as its size is absolutely extraordinary.
The manufacturer, Toyota has been concentrating to use data from Tokyo to transform the i-Road into something more universally practical.


Video on the futuristic Toyota i-Road three wheeler car