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Islamic State secretly planning to attack India


Washington: It is being revealed by a recruitment document from ISIS that various terrorist groups including ISIS have been planning for an all out war to bring out the ‘end of the world’.
The document, passed to the American Media Institute by a Pakistani citizen having connections with Taliban was in Urdu language.
The contents in the document have revealed the ambition of ISIS to attack India and thereby to provoke the U.S. to intervene in the war.
It has also explained how they are going to achieve this feat. As per the document content, the units of Taliban currently operating in Pakistani and Afghan would form one army with ISIS, and persuade al-Qaeda to join the group to forge a caliphate.
According to the document read by the USA Today, this caliphate would survive and prosper until it could take over the entire world.
They have also plans to behead every last person who stands as rebel against Allah.
As per the document, preparations for an unexpected attack on India are underway by which ISIS leaders hope to intervene the US.
The pamphlet is also outlined their plan to target U.S. soldiers as they pull out from Afghanistan and kill American diplomats.
U.S. intelligence officials who have reviewed the document said that it could be authentic.
It is said that they were come to the conclusion based on the language used and the series of ‘unique’ markings.


Video on the secret plan of ISIS to attack India