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Paraxylene chemical plant in China explodes


Beijing: A severe explosion at a chemical plant in south-eastern China is reported to have appeared disastrous with a major fire.
The State news agency Xinhua reported three injuries following the blast occurred at the Paraxylene chemical plant in Zhangzhou belongs to the Fujian province
The plant produces Paraxylene (PX), a flammable chemical used in polyester and plastics manufacturing.
The refined basic raw material is used to prepare polyethylene terephthalate which is the (PET) polyester.
The fibers and films produced are used to manufacture water bottles, other containers, fabrics including clothing and curtains, and x-ray and photographic film
The ejection of Paraxylene causes dizziness and nausea if inhaled or ingested.
If skin is contacted, it should be rinsed and then washed with soap and water.
It may cause issues with human central nervous system.
Last year in Guangdong province, the Chinese residents were protested conducting demonstrations against the construction of PX plants.
Many residents fear pollution from the plants as it is harmful to health.
The south China morning post has reported the blast as the second one at the plant within a period of two years.
The exploded plant in Zhangzhou is operated by Dragon Aromatics, one of the largest independent PX producers in China. They have not yet commented regarding the explosion.
According to the Zhangzhou fire department, about 430 fire-fighters were at the scene of explosion.
Xinhua is also reported that the windows at a petrol station located 1km (0.6 miles) away from the plant were blown out.
The Post also quoted the remark of one resident who lives across the harbor about 10km (six miles) away from the plant.
As per his experience, the flat was shaken dreadfully followed by the explosion.


Video on the explosion of Paraxylene Chemical Plant