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Parents charged for allowing 11-year-old son to play in backyard


Florida: Two parents have been charged with child neglect after their son was reportedly left to play alone outside their house for 90 minutes.
According to Fox News when the 11-year-old boy returned from school, the mum and dad of the boy were not in their home in Florida
So he picked up his basketball and started shooting hoops until they came back.
A neighbor who saw cialis coupon code him unattended allegedly called the police to raise her concerns and when the parents returned home, police were waiting to charge them with child negligence.
The parents, who generic viagra online wish to remain anonymous, told blog Reason that
they couldn’t get home sooner as they were planned because of traffic delays and bad weather.
Following their arrest, they were held overnight in jail, and according to the mum, their sons – aged 11 and four – will be kept by authorities for a month before attending day camp and day care this summer.
The parents are planning to reveal buy cialis their innocence in criminal cheap cialis court soon. Until then, they have to undergo therapy and parenting classes while their children have to attend ‘play’ therapy.


Video on tadalafil the arrest cheap cialis of parents for allowing their son to play in the backyard