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Russia unveils futuristic ‘blimp-like’ aircraft


Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin wants the Russian army to be equipped with a spaceship-like aircraft that coexists technologies from planes, hovercraft and airships.
The 130-meter-long blimp-like Atlanta vehicle can take off and land without a runway and capable to carry either 200 people or 60 tonnes of cargo at a speed of up to 105mph.
The Siberian Times reported that the new aircraft being built by built by Augur Ros Aero Systems would be an Hi-tech airship.
Its flying capability has been tested in UK and will be available for regular services by 2018.
Mikhail Talesnikov, the vice-president of the manufacturing firm, said that all developmental works in the first phase of the project would be completed by December while further works would be undertaken by the technical team before the test flights with a prototype.
He said that it would not use the same kind of ballast controls being used by traditional airships and would be used different principles of flight.
In short, it is capable to provide the advantages of airships by avoiding their primary problems.
Manufacturers claim that they are cheaper to fly than helicopters and airplanes, and capable to carry more cargo. According to them aircraft can reach remote and hard-to-reach areas.
However, there are speculations that the aircraft would be used mainly for the Russian military purposes.
Military aims to use the blimp at border points to control drug trafficking.
It can also be used to carry mass numbers of soldiers around the country whenever required.
There are also opinions that the aircraft can be used more efficiently at combat zones.


Video on Russian manufactured futuristic ‘blimp-like’ aircraft