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Survey on World’s biggest economies


Washington: The United States and China are currently the world’s biggest economies.
A global survey conducted by the Pew Research Center on this matter has found that the US is bounced back in the minds of many people this year, though it had lost ground to China during the recession.
Among the 40 countries polled, a majority or large number in 30 of them viewed the US as the world’s biggest economic power.
But many also expressed their belief to the Pew Research Center that China would eventually replace the US as the world’s top superpower.
In the aftermath of the Great Economic condition, many commentators have remarked that the era of U.S. dominance of the global economy and position as sole superpower was coming to an end.
However, in the middle years, a sustained economic recovery in the U.S. had been reinforced its leadership certification.
In the current survey, about twice as many people worldwide said that the U.S. is the world’s leading economy.
Nevertheless, global public are of the opinion that in future, China would eventually replace the U.S. as the leading global superpower.
Majorities, in other words large number of people have positive sentiments towards China in 27 of the countries surveyed in 2015.
China’s image has improved during the last year across the countries polled.
And these favorable views are particularly the evidence among the young.
But, the existing human rights in China is still a stain on its reputation.
But as per the public surveys conducted, it is understood that the Chinese government had no respect on the personal freedom of its people.


Video on the survey on World’s largest economies