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Turkish air-strikes target ISIL strongholds in Syria


Ankara: Turkey is reported to have carried out air-strikes against three Islamic caliphates in Iraq and the ISIL strongholds in Syria.
Three F-16 fighter jets were used by them to attack two ISIL headquarters while guided missiles were used to target one rallying point inside Syria.
The fighter jets were taken off from the main Jet Base in the southeastern province of Diyarbakir.
The matter was being informed by a statement released from the office of Turkish Prime Minister.
The operation was named after Yalçın Nane, a non-commissioned military officer who had lost his life during Turkish army’s first gunfight with ISIL on the border in the province of Kilis.
Meanwhile, a Turkish official told the Hürriyet Daily News that Ankara had already informed about its allies before the military operation.
According to Doğan News Agency, the targeted ISIL locations were near the Havar village of Syria, across the Turkey’s Kilis province on the border.
But, as per the details collected by a Private broadcaster, CNNTürk, the Turkish jets are said to have launched their missiles from Turkey, without entering into the Syrian airspace.
The decision to conduct the aforesaid airstrikes was taken at a special security meeting in Ankara which held hours after the clash on the border.
The state of the Republic of Turkey is determinant in taking any precaution to safeguard the integrity and security of the nation in all respects.
This is being confirmed by an official statement regarding air-strikes in which they have pointed out the safe return of the Turkish F-16s to their respective bases.


Video on Turkish airstrikes at ISIL strongholds in Syria