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US launches combined military drills in Ukraine


Yavoriv (Ukraine): A fresh combined military drills are said to have launched by US and Ukrainian troops near the Polish border of the war-torn country.
The military exercises are with ñèàëèñ tadalafil-20 an intention to show unity between the military of the two nation.
In the two week long annual Rapid Trident exercises, about 1,800 soldiers from 18 countries are said to have been participating.
The immediate aim of this exercise is to build morale and connection among the outdated and woefully sildenafil calox 100mg underfunded armed forces of the ex- Soviet pharmacy online state.
During the 15-month long east Ukrainian quagmire battling, pro-Russia militias have claimed more than 6,500 lives.
The combined military exercises also deliver a transparent message to the Kremlin about the determination of Washington and its allies’ to defend any philosophical ambitions that the Russian President Vladimir Putin may have been nurturing in his mind.
Ukrainian forces commander Oleksandr Syvak told during the festive flag hoisting ceremony that those joint ventures were to display a concept of broad support for Ukraine in its struggle for freedom and sovereignty.
The US commander northwest canadian pharmacy of the combined drill Alfred Renzi said that the participating countries include former Soviet nations such as Moldova and Azerbaijan in addition to NATO allies.
He has also added that their associated movement would prove an ability to cooperate as one unified force for stability. tadalafil 20 mg canada
Russia has already condemned cialis 5mg online the combined war games being held in Ukraine.


Video on combined US-Ukraine military drill