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US to resume military aid program to Bahrain


Washington: America has decided to restart its military aid program to Bahrain that suspended in 2011 amid concerns over human rights. The new decision is free cell phone spy software blackberry on the basis of the growing assumption that the small Gulf state could be the next target of a massive terrorist attack. The US State Department has confirmed that it would resume giving military aid to the Gulf phone spy mobile nation in spite of the human rights record. US military sales to Bahrain since 2000 had been $1.4 billion (£890 million). Bahrain has been the home to US navy’s fifth fleet, and conducted air strike missions over Syria as part of the anti-Islamic State coalition. In the year 2011, the country had experienced a Shia-led rebellion in which protesters were demanded a constitutional autocracy with more representation in the government. But many of their calls were become unsuccessful, with ban on protesters followed by arrests. During that occasion, students and journalists were arrested which prompted the US to withdraw the ongoing security assistance to the Gulf nation. The US State Department said that the Gulf nation had made better progress on human rights, including the release of political prisoners. US spokesperson John Kirby said that the existing human rights situation in Bahrain was not so adequate. According to them, it was important to recognize that the government of Bahrain had made some meaningful progress on human rights reforms and reconciliation. Many are of the opinion that the timing of the announcement has no coincidence with the recent attacks in Tunisia, France and Kuwait. Gulf monarchies as well as the West are now on the brink of an evident increased terror threats from ISIS.   Video on US decision to start military aid to Bahrain