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Amazing tricks of unicyclist Brian Kidd


United States: Unicyclist Brian Kidd is also known as the Unipiper as he uses his flame throwing bagpipes to deliver a classical score while balancing on an Unicycle.
Thus Brian Kidd combined two unusual hobbies to create an extraordinary entertainment.
He has performed this feat in a variety of costumes including that of Darth Vader, Santa Claus, and Gandalf.
While performing according to the costumes he also tries to deliver character-appropriate tunes on the pipes. Nowadays, he is famous in playing “The Imperial March” with respect to the costume of kilted Darth Vader.
It was in 2007 that Kidd combined the two hobbies together.
Earlier he had thoughts about bag-piping while riding the unicycle.
But he was afraid of falling down from the unicycle and damaging the pipes.
Meanwhile, a healthy dose of beer made him free from all worries and achieved that unique performance fearlessly.
His effort to combine the two hobbies worked so well.
He began riding his unicycle simultaneously playing the bagpipe, up and down the strip during evenings.
People who enjoyed his fantastic performance started throwing money at him.
Americans prefer the art of bag-piping when it comes to national celebrations.
But the exclusive performance from Brian Kidd was pushed them to the next level of a spectacular entertainment. Dressed as flamethrower-toting Uncle Sam, Mr Brian Kidd used his modified bagpipes to play a unique twist of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Music while riding the unicycle.
Based in Portland, Oregon, Mr Kidd was recently appeared on America’s Got Talent, where nearly 2 million viewers were watched his bagpipe rendition of the Imperial March while dressed up as Darth Vader.


Video on the performance of the bagpiper Unicyclist Brian Kidd