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Ayurkendra Herbal village in Wayanad


Ayurkendra Herbal Village is a traditional Ayurvedic retreat center in Wayanad, from where visitors can enjoy the benefits of time tested Ayurvedic treatments. The center offers Ayurvedic as well as herbal treatments without comprising the quality and methods as prescribed in the years old manuscripts. This enable the center to provide qualitative treatments based on classical Ayurvedic principals. The center is really a boon to those who seek health wellness treatments for various purposes. The Ayurkendra Herbal Village located amid a vast coffee plantation in Wayanad has a unique herbal garden where rare medicinal plants are well cared and protected. They include sacred Rudraksha, Asokam, Analivegam (used in snake poisoning) and various types of Banyan trees.
On one side of the Ayurkendra Herbal Village is the Chembra Peak, the highest peak in the hilly district whereas the other side is guarded by Manikkunnu Hills, where a divine jungle shrine of God Vishnu is located. The atmosphere is misty on all days and appears marvelous with the clouds flowing across the Chembra Peak. The Ayurkendra Herbal Village is diversified across 4 acres of land amid evergreen dense forest which is encircled by the Western Ghats mountain ranges. Thus the health center has all the necessary elements required for a traditional rejuvenating location.
The healing packages available at the Herbal Village are overall relaxation, rejuvenation and detoxification of the whole human body. There are also therapies with respect to the various requirements of individuals and handled by well qualified and experienced doctors and therapists. This Ayurvedic Retreat Center is approved by the Government of Kerala. The contact address of Ayurkendra Herbal village is as follows.
Ayurkendra Herbal Village, Manjalamkolli, Puthoorvayal P.O., Kalpetta Via, Wayanad Dist.
E-mail: Tel:+91 4936 203952/53, Mob:+91 9447183953


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