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Boys Town in Wayanad


Boys town is located about 15 Km away from Mananthavady. This wonderful place in Wayanad is featured with charming environments formed by evergreen vegetation and encircled misty mountain ranges. The unique attraction of this region is one traditional herbs growing garden which has been preserved with great importance. Near to this garden there is one nature care center where traditional herbal treatments and rejuvenation therapies are performed. There is also one sericulture center as well as permacullture center situated adjacent to this garden. All these institutions are running by Wayanad Social Service Society. The aim of this organization is the development of agriculture, animal husbandry, community health, development of women, cooperative credit unions, implementation of vocational skill development schemes, Housing, social and economic development of people in the district. The Gene Park in the Boy’s Town is an indo-Danish project meant to promote herbal gardening in the district.


Video on the Boys Town Garden in Wayanad