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Breastfeeding cuts depression risks in mothers


Cambridge: As per the large study conducted on 14,000 new mothers, the risks related to post-natal depression can be reduced by regular breastfeeding.
But, it is found that women (new mothers) are unable to offer adequate breastfeeding to their newborns. This simultaneously increase the risk rate of depression in new mothers.
The aforesaid studies are published in the journal called Maternal and Child Health with an expectation to offer more support to women unable to breastfeed their newborn infants.
A parenting charity said that mental health was a “huge issue” for many lactating mothers.
The health benefits available by the breastfeeding are clear-cut while the World Health Organization strictly recommends breast milk feeding to a newborn child for the first six months.
However, researchers at the University of Cambridge said that the effect of breastfeeding on mothers was not as clearly understood.


Video on analyzing depression risks in new mothers