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Breastfeeding moms protest in McDonald’s restaurant


Budapest (Hungary): Hungarian moms recently grabbed the global attention by conducting a protest in McDonald’s order research paper online marvelous restaurant in the cell control phone spy capital city Budapest. They were expressing their objection regarding McDonald’s move earlier this week, to discourage women from breast-feeding their own babies. During the event, numerous baby-carrying mothers were entered into the McDonald’s restaurant near the Western Railway Station in the capital city. After taking seats in the restaurant they were started breast feeding their babies. In a statement released by the McDonald, they had blamed a security guard for the incident. As per the statement mothers were welcomed by the McDonald’s restaurant to breast-feed their babies as part of the family-friendly policy of the global fast food chain giant. However, the statement has also added that the company had been ordered an investigation into the protest launched by the mothers. Erika Schmidt, a mother of three children and a member of the Birth house Foundation, told after taking part in the protest that very few mothers in Hungary were found nursing their babies in public as they were afraid of harassment and disrespectful treatments. According to her the breastfeeding protest was the first ever gathering occasion arranged by the Hungarian women to show their solidarity to each other. Palma Fazakas, another baby-feeding protester, said that the staff and other diners in the restaurant were very friendly to them. She has free cell phone spy download software also added that the overall atmosphere in the restaurant was very good. The McDonald’s restaurant research paper on obama’s healthcare plan where the incident occurred is part of the Western Railway Station in the capital city, Budapest. The restaurant which opened in the year 1897, is said to have designed by the French architect Gustave Eiffel. It has a global reputation as it is one of the most beautiful McDonald’s restaurants in the world.   Video on the breastfeeding mothers protest in Hungary