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Bus powered by human waste launches in UK


Bristol: The Bio-Bus having 40 seats is powered by gas, generated from human and food waste has been launched in Britain.
The usage emissions from this waste gas are found to be fewer than that of diesel.
As first step, the bus will be plying between Bath and Bristol airport.
The gas required for this purpose is produced at Bristol sewage works, running by GENeco.
Thus the company has become the first in the UK to inject gas generated from human and food waste into the national gas grid networks.
Food which is unsuitable for human consumption are separately collected and recycled through anaerobic digestion and transform into green gas and bio-fertilizers.
These waste are not wasted in landfill sites or incinerators
The gas generated through the treatment of sewage and food waste is unfit for human consumption.
According to Engineers the Bio-Bus can offer a sustainable way in fueling public transport while improving urban air quality.
The Bio-Bus can travel up to 186 miles with a full tank of gas.


Video on the service of the Bio-bus