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Caves in Wayanad


The hill station, Wayanad which locates in the hill ranges of western ghats is blessed with numerous primitive caves. Caves are considered to be one of the earliest dwelling locations of human beings. Generally they are formed by creating massive fissures in gigantic rocks, ensuring a covered shelter. The caves found in the Wayanad hill-station of Kerala have got great importance, since it help to collect information about the prehistoric ancestors and their cultural heritage. These wonderful caves might have been utilized by the Prehistoric people as a shelter who were forced to live in dense forests. Later on, the local tribes would have occupied these places and practiced some rituals and ceremonies. These rocky shelters in Wayanad contain marvelous drawings or carvings that belong to the periods ranging from 5000 BC to 1000 BC. These spectacular carvings depict the primitive lifestyle of people lived during stone age.
It is said that these inscriptions seen inside the caves of Wanayad might have reliable connections with Indus Valley Civilization. The cave-art characteristics develop certain curiosity among viewers to know more about the people behind the drawings. Researches and analysis have revealed that the stone carvings inside the caves in Wayanad are of the Neolithic era. These marvelous drawings have drawn the attention of archaeologists and historians worldwide. There are some interesting mythological and tribal legends related to the caves in Wayanad. Some of the caves in the hill station is said to have dug by saints to fulfill their meditation requirements. The caves in Wayanad are in Western Ghat mountain ranges and hence, UNESCO has been declared them as World Heritage sites. Even though some of the caves in the hill station are heritage sites, others are historically very important. All these locations are with biological diversity and still under preservation. These caves as well as the inscriptions inside are priceless and should be protected properly.

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