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Certain daily routines to be performed by Sabarimala devotees


Living as a human being is a great boon offered by the almighty to mankind. So, they have to dwell in the world with utmost care and dedication to god. Systematic lifestyle bestows self-confidence and self-satisfaction to human beings. If they follow such steps lifelong, success in life can be achieved without exerting much task.
After the holy garland wearing ceremony, devotees have to get up before Sun rise and have bath after their primary needs. Then they can apply camphor burnt ashes, which is considered as sacred, on their forehead and glorify Lord Ayyappa with devotional incantations. Then, worship Sun god who has been giving energy and brightness to all living-beings in the universe. Next is to perform certain exercises including a procedure called ‘Sun god salutation’. This unique exercise is highly beneficial for the health of human beings. It is said that one Sun god salutation consists of ten types of Yoga exercises. Likewise, the devotees need to perform 13 such Sun god salutations. These exercises which need to be performed early morning, enable devotees to develop concentration as well as mental power. Devotees are advised to have their food by sitting on the floor in yoga posture.
It will be useful for them to hear devotional songs, incantations and devotional speeches, and read devotional books and other readable matters which can make human life very comfortable. In this manner they can dedicate themselves to Lord Ayyappa by improving the power of mind. Blessings from their parents, senior family members and teachers are unavoidable to fulfill their pilgrimage intention properly.
During the period of 41 days, simple lifestyle is absolutely suitable for the devotees. In the evening during sunset, devotees have to illuminate a holy lamp and chant incantations glorifying Lord Ayyappa after wearing the ashes of burnt camphor on the forehead. It will be highly beneficial if they can go to temple and worship deities both in the morning and evening. Pray god before going to bed also. It will be desirable if they can sleep on a mat spread-out on the floor.

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