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Chinese sturgeons face extinction


Beijing: The Chinese sturgeon, thought to have existed for more than 140 million years, is now going to be an endangered species.
According to local media no wild sturgeon was reproduced naturally during last year in the Yangtze river.
The report regarding their extinction is for the first time since researchers began recording their levels about 32 years ago.
Chinese researches said that the current fall in their strength is due to the increased level of pollution in the Yangtze river as well as the construction of dozens of dams.
Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences also found that no young sturgeons were found swimming along the Yangtze towards the sea as they usually do during the period.
According to one researcher at least several thousand sturgeon could be found in the river during 1980s.
It is estimated that the remaining such fishes in the river are nearly 100 in number.
The researchers are of the opinion that the fish population cannot be improved by itself, unless natural reproduction is carried out as required.
If no such steps are taken to strengthen their preservation, the wild sturgeon will be at the brink of extinction.


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