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Croatians celebrated Rijeka carnival 2015


Rijeka: People of Croatia are celebrated Rijeka carnival with gaiety and enthusiasm. Rijeka is the third-largest city and seaport in Croatia.
The traditionally featured location has certain specific features that makes the city attractively different from the rest of the world.
The people of this city are with incomparable Carnival spirit.
Every year the Rijeka carnival is celebrated in Croatia during the month of February.
This year they commemorated the festive occasion from Feb 14th to 28th.
During the first week of the celebrations, there was an eye-catching carnival parade by children including preschool goers.
Wearing colorful dresses they attracted viewers with their outstanding performances and forced them laugh with love and affection evolved by experiencing the unique features of their innocent childish minds.
While celebrating the traditional festival, the people of Croatia don’t feel any tiredness.
In all generations, the Rijeka city was blessed with outstanding carnival participants.
They have to celebrate this festive occasion by following their years old tradition.
The main participants of this culturally related celebration are Folklore groups, Orchestras, Majorettes, Modern dance groups, Music bands from all over the world and Chorus who can perform open-air stage items.
Apart from these, there were displays of traditional masks, costumes and floats.
However, there are no limitations regarding the number of participants.
The Rijeka carnival 2015 has made highly impressive with the assemblage of over 10 000 participants, all of them fully masked, generating a blast of fun for the spectators.
During Carnival season, there were carnival parties which used to take place mainly in bars and Cafes throughout Rijeka.


Video on Rijeka Carnival