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Crocodile flavored ice cream is now available


Philippines: A new ice-cream having crocodile flavor has been launched in Philippines. This new variety ice-cream is available at Sweet Spot restaurant in Davao City in the Philippines.
The owners of the store are one husband and wife called Dino and Bianca Ramos. They have been selling the ice cream ever since they received a batch of croc eggs from Dino’s uncle.
When started selling the crocodile flavored ice-cream as an experiment the menu quickly turned into one of the most popular treats they have been selling. The reason behind this is its unique taste.
According to Dino the new ice-cream is regular ice-cream itself and doesn’t taste the meat of croc. He said that they add only eggs to the ice-cream to make it highly delicious.
Since crocs are endangered species, they collect only the eggs that do not hatch and come surplus.
Crocodile eggs are said to have 80% yolk and much healthier than chicken eggs.


Video on Crocodile flavored ice-cream