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Google launches Global Fishing Watch


United States: Google Oceana and Sky Truth has declared that they have decided to launch a battle against over-fishing everywhere.
This is absolutely a noble movement from their side.
For this purpose they use Global Fishing Watch which has been designed with the combination of interactive mapping technology and satellite data with the all-important Automatic Identification System (AIS).
This device is capable to send transmissions on every tanker, passenger ship and commercial vessel above a certain size already authorized by the UN.
Global Fishing Watch then visualizes the routes taken and show when a fishing boat lost its voyage and found held-up.
The existence of Global Fishing Watch helps to focus purely on fishing vessels.
Google Oceana has referred the tool as a “groundbreaking one”. According to them, the device will certainly shed some light and transparency on the global problems related to fishing vessels.


Video on Global Fishing Watch