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Goroka festival is the world’s biggest tribal gathering


New Papua Guinea: Goroka festival is considered to be the biggest tribal gathering in the world and takes place every year at Papua New Guinea.
More than 100 tribes are gathered at the Goroka Festival which draws visitors annually to Papua New Guinea
During festival, everybody are dressed up well and these jaunty tribal people carry on with magnificent celebrations with a lot of singing and dancing.
The feathers and ornateness wearing for the Goroka Festival are part of what make it one of the best-known largest tribal gatherings in the world.
The noise and passion of the event has a unique charm.
The festival is said to have started at Goroka, of the New Papua Guinea in 1957.
The festival has now become a major attraction for both national and international tourists.
During the course of Goroka weekend, tribes gather for music, dancing and extraordinary displays of tribal rituals.
Folklore says that centuries ago these warriors were defeated in a tribal “payback” raid and, to make themselves look fierce, covered their bodies with grey mud.
Legend says that their enemies were fled at the sight of these ghostly appearances.
From a history of a population including miners, missionaries, patrol officers, plantation owners etc, the traditional dress of these days is not often worn and hence, the festival is an unusual sight.
Now the town has grown to have a population of around 25,000 people and they live in a perpetual spring.
Introduced by Australian district officers known as kiaps, they brought in singing – singsing and dancing groups from their area.
The singsing often reflect the birds of paradise which the festival seeks to celebrate.


Video on the largest tribal gathering in the world