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Huge plant that waited 80 long years to flower has only one month life left behind


Ann Arbor(Michigan): A towering American aloe plant that waited 80 long years to flower and produce seeds is said to have been dying after fulfilling its purpose.
Its caretaker at the University of Michigan’s botanical gardens said that the age old plant would be brought down by next month.
The unusually old specimen called Ann Arbor is said to have been growing since 1934.
During the time-frame, it has achieved a height of 28 feet, after a rapid growth process during last spring which then led to its flowering.
Once it stopped flowering, the American aloe was moving to rapid decline, which is said to be a common feature of the species.
Mike Palmer, horticulture manager at the school’s Matthaei Botanical Gardens said that as the plant is passing through its downward-sloping so quickly, there won’t be any value if it was tried to bring it up anymore.
The years old plant has already produced “tons” of seeds, including one seedcase that contained 86 of them.
Students have been picking viable seeds that will be distributed among botanical gardens in the U.S.
Some seedlings will be sold in the university’s garden store.
The varicolored American aloe plant is said to be a native of Mexico and Southwest America.
The leaves of the plant have some other colors than green.
The varicolored plants don’t usually survive to reproduce successfully.


Video on Matthaei Botanical Garden where the huge plant is brought up