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Huge sinkhole swallows car while driver makes a dramatic escape


Guangzhou(China): A moving car is reported to have fallen into a massive sinkhole formed on the road in a Chinese city.
But the driver could make a miraculous escape just before the sinkhole could swallow the car as a whole.
Sheng Hsu, 43, was on his way to work when the huge opening appeared in the road.
Luckily, he was able to make a dramatic, last minute escape from the ill-fated vehicle.
When the car started to move, he pulled on the handbrake because he had a feeling that he was rolling backwards, but soon realized that he was tipping over to the side.
When Sheng looked out of the window, he could see a huge hole appearing on the road as the tarmac vanished in to the ground.
Acting spontaneously, he crashed open the door and managed to come out before the car tipped inside.
Engineers said that the hole in Guangzhou had been caused due to the breakage of a sewage pipe under the road. The water leaked into the soil under the road had been washed it away.
But it is not the first time that a huge sinkhole has appeared under a road.
Council officials have ordered an inquiry to see what can be done in future to prevent such incidents.


Video on the car that fallen in to the sinkhole