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Ireland to legalize Gay Marriage


Dublin: Prime Minister of Ireland, Enda Kenny, has agreed for the referendum regarding the legalization of gay marriages in the country.
The philosophical doctrine (Taoist) each told the Irish electorate that there was nothing to fear for the voting meant for love and equality.
Kenny made his plea on live television ahead of a broadcasting ban imposed on all sides of same-sex marriage debate.
The Irish republic is the only country in the world where the electorate is authorized to decide whether to make the gay marriage legal or not.
Under the Irish electoral rules, there is a ban on statements from all sides of the debate.
This is achieved by banning country’s airways for 24 hours just before the opening of the polling stations .
After voting, the results will be available in the next day morning itself.
Earlier, at his Fine Gael party’s last press conference of the campaign, Kenny said that he had no intention to become a gay icon over his strong support for a Yes vote.
He has also rejected suggestions from those opposed gay marriages because religious schools would be forced to teach about the validity of same-sex marriages.
According to Kenny, they have been enjoying absolute religious freedom in the country.
The churches in the country, irrespective of their social class, have been allowed to continue the teaching of their doctrine, principles and beliefs.
As civil law is a separate matter, there may be questions about the civil law from any schools in the country.
Regarding the forcible adoption of children by gay married couples, Kenny said that the interests of such children would not be changed in any way if there was a Yes vote.
Meanwhile, the

pro-gay marriage campaign groups are of the opinion that a late flow in voters registration will boost the Yes vote.
It has been observed that over the past weeks of the campaign, more than 68,000 fresh voters have been added to the electoral register.


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