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Many people in Kashmir are still trapped by floods


Kashmir: In the recent flood, many people living both in Pakistan and India are still in stranded condition. Authorities in Pakistan and India are struggling to cope-up with violent monsoon floods which have killed more than 460 people, displaced nearly a million people, and still threaten many more. The Kashmir area which spreads across both Pakistan and India has been badly affected by this flood. The rescue operations in these areas are in full swing. The rescue teams are searching for survivors who have been stranded by the rising waters. Pakistani military specialists have blown up Dam with explosives to divert water from rivers running close to three cities, while Indian authorities admitted that their relief efforts could not help about 300,000 stranded people in Kashmir. Local people aid workers and medical staff in the Indian-administered parts of Kashmir criticized the relief efforts and referred it as absolutely inadequate and disorganized.


Video on Flood situation in Kashmir