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Meenmutty Waterfalls


Meenmutty Waterfall which exists amid dense forest is absolutely a wonderful sight in Wayanad. This falls from a height of 300 meters and said to be the highest waterfall of the evergreen forest land. It is highly spectacular to see this cascade passing through three layers during its trend to downwards. It can be termed as a waterfall unspoilt by nature or surroundings. It is located about 29 kilometers from Kalpetta while two kilometers away from the Ooty Vaduvanchal road. Visitors can cover one of the two kilometers by vehicle whereas the rest one kilometer need to be covered by trekking through dense forest. The word Meenmutty means the place where the movement of fishes through water gets blocked. During monsoon the waterfall becomes very ferocious due to the abundance of water and allowed to view from distance only. However, the distant view of this forest encircled cascade is also marvelous in appearance.


Video on Meenmutty Waterfalls