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Monster bull in Britain weighs nearly two tonnes


The name of the monster bull in Britain is Barnsford Ferny.
He is considered as the the biggest load of bull in Britain.
He is so giant in appearance that he cannot move properly.
The two tonnes weight of the animal has made him the bulkiest British bovine.
It is believed that the animal has enough meat to make 45,000 Big Mac burgers.
At present his weight is equal to the weight of an adult hippopotamus.
This is, more than twice the average weight of the other bulls in the country.
Unlike other bulls the monster Barnsford has got an impressive height of seven foot.
But, he only four years old. According to its owner the soul of the giant animal is very gentle in nature and he is very obedient.
People all over the country want their female bulls to be bread with Bransford.
Thus in a year, he has become father to 50 calves and sired a further 100 through artificial insemination.


Video on the monster bull in Britain