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NASA enjoys Christmas lights from space


Washington: NASA has sent images of Christmas lights brightening from earth. According to their report the satellite images from certain cities shine between 20 percent and 30 percent brighter during the holiday season while in the suburbans, some areas shine as much as 50 percent brighter.
A NASA scientist and his colleagues have identified how the light intensity of nighttime patterns change during major holiday seasons, especially during Christmas and New Year in the United States. They have also analyzed the same with the holy month of Ramadan in the Middle East.
In many of the U.S. cities, nighttime lights shine 20 to 50 percent brighter during Christmas and New Year’s when compared to the light output during the rest of the year, as seen in the satellite data. In some Middle Eastern cities, nighttime lights shine more than 50 percent brighter during Ramadan, compared to the rest of the year.
The new analysis of holiday lights is being carried out by an advanced algorithm, developed by the NASA space flight center. This methodology is capable to filter out moonlight, clouds and airborne particles and spot out city lights on a daily basis. The data from this algorithm provide high-quality satellite information on light output across the globe. This facility allow scientists to track when and how brightly people illuminate the light during night.


Video on Christmas lights from Space