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Neelimala Viewpoint


This enchanting naturally beautiful area is located near Vaduvanchal in Wayanad. The elevated location has got the blessings of picturesque surroundings and the greenery lined mountain path which leads to the mesmerizing peak is really very exciting. The misty bluish hill side is suitable for trekking and ideal for those who love adventures. An overwhelming sight of the Meemmutty waterfalls which then flows developing smaller cascades is really indescribable. While watching from the Neelimala viewpoint, the Meemmutty Waterfall is observed as if it is smeared by a misty blanket. This eye catching appearance of the cataract makes it highly exceptional. The enchanting base valleys associated with crystal clear watercourses enhance the panoramic beauty of the environments abundantly. On the way to Neelimala viewpoint visitors can enjoy the awesome view of widespread coffee plantations, lovely green bushes and marvelous purple flower-plants. Another eye-catching view at the location is the frequent movement of small chirping birds from the bushes. Further upward track to the elevated site contains numerous pits and appears to be slippery. So, utmost care is essential while moving towards the peak of the Neelimala viewpoint.


Video on the trekking to Neelimala Viewpoint