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pro-Russian rebels force Ukrainian soldiers eat their own uniforms


Donetsk: It has been reported that some of the pro-Russian rebels were seen forcing Ukrainian soldiers to eat their own uniforms recently.
As per the reports, a man dressed up in military style was seen up and down shouting at a group of Ukrainian soldiers.
The captured soldiers were on their knees on the snow-covered ground by keeping their hands on their heads.
The shouting man who referred himself as Givi, is said to be the commander of a separatist militant unit known as the ‘Somalia’ group in the Crimea region.
The commander, then brought a large knife and began slicing the badge existed on the arm of one soldier.
He then stuffed that sliced piece into the mouth of that soldier and demanded to chew it.
He, then repeated the action on the other soldiers.
The Ukrainian soldiers were caught by the pro-Russian rebels in Donetsk International Airport after a recent fierce encounter.
There has been an ongoing struggle in the area since Russia annexed the Crimea region of Ukraine.
Last week, the United Nations warned that the crisis has entered in to a “most deadly period” as the pro-Russian extremists rejected peace talks and resumed offensive action against Ukraine’s national army.
Around a third of the Donetsk region is said to have been controlling by the militant group currently.
Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 is assumed to have been accidentally shot down by the pro-Russian separatists.
In this untoward incident, all 283 passengers and 15 crewmen on board were killed when it crashed in the region during last July.


Video on the humiliation of pro Russian rebels on Ukrainian soldiers