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Regional Science Center (RSC) and Planetarium in Kozhikode


The Regional Science Center and Planetarium in Kozhikode is functioning under National Council of Science Museum (NCSM) which comes under Government of India. It carries out leading role in driving science propagation activities in the Malabar region of the Kerala State in India. Once Kozhikode was the capital of Malabar, right from the reign of Zamorin dynasty. Thus, the Planetarium which locates in the land of distinct heritage engages itself in providing awareness of science through interactive exhibitions and movies. The center provides a perfect environment for exploring science through hands on expositions and displays with the support of Planetarium, HD 3D theater etc. The center presents surplus of facilities with an intention to establish awareness and scientific friendly attitude in the society. The 250-seater Planetarium in Kozhikode which locates in Jaffar Khan Colony in the Museum Road, offers widespread insight into the mysteries of universe, planets and galaxies. The institution is possessed with a sophisticated Zeiss projector which is capable to simulate the night sky in a fantastic and spectacular manner. This enables visitors to see a clear-picture of all spatial elements and astronomical objects apart from planets and stars in the sky. Sound in association with the visual effects generate a feeling of utmost originality to the viewers. This is one of the rare entertainment centers in India which propagates knowledge on constellation and galaxy to the common men. So, to strengthen its activities further, the RSC and Planetarium are furnished with advanced scientific tools which are capable to cultivate interest and love on science and astronomical wonders among children as well as adults. The Regional Science Center which locates adjacent to the planetarium has indoor and outdoor science displays which are highly informative to the school going children. The 3D theater in the science center helps students to learn all-about the atmospheric space and the universe. Apart from these, there are aquariums where fishes belong to rare species are exhibited in a systematic manner.At the Regional Science Center there is also an entomology section known as Giants of Nature. This is one of the most important divisions of the institution which attracts a large number of visitors. At this featured entomology section, giant ants, bugs, cockroaches, insects and other anthropoids are displayed in an interesting manner. They are made and presented in such a way to feel that they are real in all respects. Their very natural like movements are sufficient enough to get

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one amazed and attracted. The Science Center also displays enormous working models of different bisects and floating ball. These wonderful scientific toys are vastly popular among children and teenagers. There is a spacious airy park in front of the science center where both adults and children can enjoy the cool breeze and relax under the shade of greeneries. Thus, the Planetarium and the associated Science Center in the premise is one of the prominent things that come to the mind of many people, while planning a visit to Kozhikode. As this institution has its own unique charm, a trip to Planetarium and Science Center in the heart of the city is capable to offer visitors a lifetime fond of memories.   Video on Regional Science Center and Planetarium in Kozhikode