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Royal innerwear is sold in auction for a massive 6200 sterling pounds


United Kingdom: In an auction conducted at Britain, the silk bloomers of Queen Victoria is said to have been sold for a huge 6200 sterling pounds.
The primitive royal innerwear was with a waist length of 52 inches.
According to the auctioneer Michael Hogben, the sold royal inner-wear was very large.
It is said that the attire was worn by Queen Victoria towards the end of her life when she had eaten enormous quantity of food than most normal people could afford to.
In the Auctions at Westenhanger near Folkestone in Kent, a petticoat with a 66-inch bust worn by Britain’s longest served ruler was sold.
The knee length panties of the Queen were also sold along with a pair of Victoria’s silk stockings which auctioned for 1100 sterling pounds.
Auctioneer Michael Hogben said that the buyers of the royal underwear were wished to remain unknown.
The reign of Queen Victoria in Britain was for about 63 years.
She got the throne in 1837 and ruled the motherland until her death in 1901.
Other items auctioned at the sale include jewellery and props from 1970s television show.


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