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Saudi air force parachutists get tangled up during air display


Manama: Two Saudi air force parachutists are reported to have got tangled up on their way to the ground during an air display.
However, they managed to keep their cool and landed safely on the ground.
The parachutes of two soldiers were become tangled themselves about 1,500 ft up during a training jump over the city of Manama in Northern Bahrain.
It was really dangerous and terrifying moments as far as the para-troopers are concerned.
A Video has been captured the moments they started their downward movement to the ground after being released their parachutes close to each other in a drop from a transport plane into the desert.
But the two troopers managed to twist and turn to keep both parachutes inflated until they could touch the ground.
Although absolutely dangerous, the spectacular para jumping was recorded by a man filming from the desert below.
He can be heard expressing his relief when the two spiraling men and their parachutes reached the ground safely.
The video clip was widely shared on the Internet as well as Saudi social media users posted their support and sympathy.
Blogger Abu Dhari said that those men were their country’s real assets.
The latest events that they had been unfolded in the region have clearly shown that these brave men are the defenders of Saudi Arabia.
Another blogger called Sarem said that they were prayed God for their safety, and people should always remember that He is the most merciful power in the Universe.


Video on the tangling of Parachute