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Sea World Aquarium in Rameswaram


The sea world aquarium in the Pamban Island locates just opposite to the Rameswaram Bus stand. The oceanic aquarium which encloses marine life offers a combined view of underwater creatures living in their natural habitat. The featured aquarium is the only one of its kind in the region and attracts a lot of people who arrive Rameswaram with family members. The different types of marine life that can be acquainted from this aquarium are absolutely very rare and include Cow fish, Snake fish, Parrot fish, Rabbit fish, Lion fish, Star fish, Butter fish, Clown fish, Fire fish, Octopus, Sea squid, Sea lizard, Crabs, Lobsters, Prawns, Sea Lotus, Beach Tamet, Sea Horses, Sharks and many more. This mesmerizing aqua marine life center is quite an eye-opener for young tourists including kids, children and marine life lovers. The featured aquatic life in the museum are capable to generate fun and excitement among children. This interesting venue also attracts adults as they get a valuable chance to view scarce aquatic species in the conspicuous underwater environment. A visit to this aquarium is expected to render adequate knowledge to mankind regarding the life of these rare oceanic life species.


Video on Sea World Aquarium