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Skydivers perform a record breaking display in the skies of Ottawa


Ottawa: A new world record for the largest ever clomid for increased ejaculate vertical skydiving has been created in Ottawa, Illinois. 164 skydivers achieved this remarkable feat by traveling at a speed of up to 240 mph. They performed the enchanting show by flying head-down just before building the largest ever vertical skydiving formation overcoming the previous record.
The team had to carry out 13 attempts to beat the 2012 record set by 138 skydivers. Their formation, was almost similar to a giant spectacular flower which floated above the rural drop zone in Ottawa for a few seconds. After the performance, the skydivers broke apart and landed safely on the ground with the help of their parachutes. The spectators viewing the scene were in an utmost rejoicing mood.
The team was selected after the plavix strenuous training camps in Spain, Australia and across the US. At the time of the event, seven clomid marche mais pas enceinte aircraft were flown in precise formation to ensure that the jumpers were positioned at the right place, time and altitude. The parachute jump of the record-breaking event was vardenafil normal dosage from a height of 19,700 feet.
Skydiving video-graphers were then taped the jump, by flying above, below and alongside the formation. These footages enabled judges on immense sildenafil the ground to verify and certify the feat they achieved.
Three judges certified by the Federation Aeronautic International studied the video and photos to make sure that each participant was at the per-determined slot during the record breaking attempt with his or her hand in the correct position. However, their attempt was involved with a lot of high risk factors.
It is said that the skydivers were flown at a minimum speed of 160 mph while some attained speeds as fast as 240 mph. The possible collision which may occur in such speeds can be fatal. Jumping from such a high altitude may bring a danger called hypoxia. This is a condition arising from a lack of oxygen that can cause unconsciousness, other symptoms of uneasiness or even death. To reduce the risk of falling sick, jumpers and pilots used to suck down pure oxygen once their planes reached 14,000 feet.
With nearly 170 canopies simultaneously flying in the sky, there are possibilities to get tangled each other by the parachutes.
Still, according to the United States Parachute Association, there were reports of 24 fatalities among 3.2 million sport skydivers in the US in 2014.
Despite the risks, flyers from distant locations such as France, Britain, Dubai and Australia were flown to Chicago and then to the coast of Madagascar to perform the victorious feat.


Video on the record breaking skydiving performance