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Solar Impulse gets inside mobile hangar in Japan


Nagoya(Japan): Sun-powered Solar Impulse 2, which has made an unexpected stop in Japan on its way around the world, was under cover in its mobile air-dock. The team members had to wait for the weather to get cleared up before heading to Hawaii.
The featherweight flying machine had been exposed to the elements since its arrival in the central city of Nagoya. The crew were trying to hold it down to prevent it from being blown away by the wind.
Solar Impulse 2 is on a record-breaking attempt to circle the globe using the power of the sun, to highlight the possibilities of renewable energy.
The seventh leg of this epic mission was intended to cover 8,500 kilometers (5,250 miles) from Nanjing in China, to Hawaii. The journey requires six days and six nights of non-stop flight to reach the destination.
But an adverse cold weather in the order levitra Pacific region forced the mission controllers to order pilot Andre Borschberg to divert to Nagoya. Thus Japan was unexpectedly added to the predetermined tour chart.
The presence of the aircraft in levitra 20 mg side effects Nagoya has made people to visit the airfield thus enabling them to have a glimpse of the unique aircraft.
Now, all eyes are on the skies to see when they would get their next chance to cover the vast distance across the Pacific. Regarding weather, Japan’s month-long rainy season is already under way in the far south of the country, and expected levitra online to advance northwards over the coming days.


Video on solar impulse which got inside mobile viagra generic hangar in Japan