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Terror attacks increased by a third in 2014


Washington: The US State Department has understood that the number of terrorist activities around the world has risen by a third in 2014 when compared to the militancy during the previous year.
In its annual report about terrorism, the State Department said that the number of people killed were risen by 80%, which is nearly 33,000.
As per their studies, the sharp increase in death toll was largely due to the militant groups like Islamic State and Boko Haram activating in Iraq and Nigeria respectively.
Meanwhile the terrorist attacks in Pakistan, the Philippines, Nepal and Russia are considerably decreased.
The deadliest among the recent terrorist attacks was the mass massacre of 670 Shia prisoners by the Islamic State militants in the Iraqi city of Mosul.
With respect to their analysis report, the unprecedented territory seizure in Iraq and Syria by the IS militants, the flow of foreign terrorists for joining the group and the lone offender extremists in the West were the major trends of the global terrorism in the year 2014. During murder, the ISIS were specifically targeted religious minorities like Christians and Yazidis in addition to killing Western journalists. Al-Qaeda was considerably weakened in 2014 while governments in countries like Yemen, Syria, Libya, Nigeria and Iraq not only failed to contain terrorism but also enabled to develop extremist radicalism. Terrorist groups started practicing aggressive tactics like beheading, Crucifixions etc. in 2014 and such punishments were not heard during previous years.
Boko Haram, operating in northern Nigeria, northern Cameroon and southeast Niger punished their rivals by stoning, mass murder attacks and mass abduction of children.
The civil war in Syria could brought out many worldwide terrorism events as well. The report pointed out that more than 16,000 foreign terrorist fighters from over 90 countries were traveled to Syria in 2014.
The report by the State Department results UN Security Council Resolution 2178 as a major step forward in efforts to prevent terrorists from traveling to and from conflict zones.

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