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The colorful Tomato throwing (La Tomatina) festival celebrated in Spain


Madrid: The La tomatina 2014 festival celebrated in Spain with gaiety and enthusiasm.
The tomato throwing event is a famous as well as attractive cultural celebration in Spain.
This is nothing but a food festival organized on the last Wednesday during the month of August.
In Spain, this festival is usually celebrated in the town of Bunol near to Valencia.
Thousands of people from all parts of the globe come to this city for participating in the World’s biggest food throwing fight.
During the event more than one hundred metric tons of fully ripened tomatoes are pierced by throwing them in the streets.
In the week long festival there are entertainments like music concert, parades, dancing and fireworks.
On the night before the tomato throwing event, the contestants are required to take part in a paella cooking event.
Like last year, in this year’s celebration also, the entries were limited by picking only 20,000 lucky contestants.


Video on La Tomatina festival in spain